An Egyptian Allegedly Ex-Islamic Terrorist Claims USA Created Islamic Terrorism

On el Mehwar private satellite channel, the political show 90 Minutes exclusive interviewed an allegedly ex-Islamic terrorist named Mohamed Tawfik, who made many unrealistic claims.

El Mehwar was as the rest of Egypt channels, in 2011, from January 25 till February, directly supervised by the State Security apparatus which was renamed later to the National Security.

Mohamed Tawfik was presented to us as an ex-terrorist, but seeing the whole clip, he had nothing to say about any involvement with terrorist activities.

At the tenth minute of the clip, his stance strangely matched the exact stance of the Egyptian state regarding Turkey, Emirates and Saudi Arabia. He accused Turkey of aiding in terrorist activities, but stressed so much that Saudi Arabia and Emirates do not. These states were mentioned when he was telling a story about groups which recruit enthusiastic youth and train them in Afghanistan, but after taking a transit routes in other countries first.

Mohamed Tawfik made a bizarre claim that the United States of America created what he called “the new preachers” (or “the new advocates”). These are the preachers who were popularized in the 2000s, by the Saudi Arabian channel, Iqraa (Arabic for “Read”). He even specified by the name Amr Khaled.

He even claimed that Britain also controls the terrorist organizations in the region that he named the Middle East then refrained from the naming claiming that it’s theirs while it’s “our homeland”.

Mohamed Tawfik complimented the Azhar institute on Egypt. This is the state’s official religious institute, whose political views strangely matches those of the Egyptian state! He claimed that it protects Muslims from being terrorism and that “the new preachers” wanted and weakened the Azhar’s role. You should know that the Azhar clerics issued fatwas which were used to assassinate thinkers and dissidents, and to incite against them. Many of the modern Islamic terrorists studied or were affiliated to Azhar!

Mohamed Tawfik also echoed the official state’s recent claim that the January 25, 2011 uprising was a conspiracy made by traitors. Ironically, the army acknowledged it a revolution that it claimed to side with and made deals with Islamists and gave them official positions in the parliament and the state.

Finally, Mohamed Tawfik did not forget to accuse Israel of aiding the bombings in south Sinai, echoing the state’s accusations, totally ignoring the fact that most of Israel’s tourists visit south Sinai!

Mohamed Abdul Fadil Shousha
In 2010, the South Sinai governor at then, Mohamed Abdul Fadil Shousha, claimed that “the Mossad throwing the deadly shark [in the sea] to hit tourism in Egypt is not out of the question”.