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My parents named me, Emad.  I prefer to be addressed by my first name, not my family name. I live in Kamp-Lintfort, Germany where I study digital media master of arts, but originally from Cairo, Egypt and born in 1987. I formally studied mass communication media, I study informally by myself and I’m an amateur linguist.

I care about media accuracy and neutrality.

I’m pacifist and consider wars to be big business. I refuse to be part of wars. Wars are a perfect example of collective punishment, which I have always suffered from and still!

My interests are broad: from climatology to technology.

I’m interested in internet privacy, human rights issues, religions, efficiency, veganism and therefore cooking. In 2012/10/24, I became vegetarian, I didn’t like very much animal foods anyway and I kind of regret not sticking to a vegetarian diet in 2010 because I was convinced of it ever since. The American musician, Moby, influenced me when he was speaking about veganism. I usually cook for myself.

I’m a daily listener to music!

I couldn’t believe myself that a popular learning material for Esperanto is translated into Arabic. So, I copied it to another blog I made with some additions.

Things I hate: shisha, cigarettes and hate.

אני אוהב מאוד את השפות. למדתי עברית בעצמי, גם אני לומד צרפתית וגרמנית.

J’étudie le français par moi-même, j’étudié aussi l’hébreu et l’allemand. J’aime les langues.

Ich lerne Deutsch, Hebräisch und Französisch.

Do you want to know something else? Ask me!
You can contact me through my email emadeldafrawinull.net

About me:
* Times of Israel: Egyptian pacifist: It’s time to take a stand against the military (2012/5/2)
* iz3w – Informationszentrum Dritte Welt: „Das Militär ist eine zerstörerische Kraft“ (2012/11)
* Jerusalem Post: Egypt activist advocates for better ties with Israel (2013/1/31)
* A review made by Russia Today in Arabic was made, it wasn’t bad, but only concentrated on certain parts (that’s their right and interest), however they mistranslated the word   “pro-”  (مؤيد/مناصر)  as  “loyal”  (موالى).
* A review in Forbes Israel: דיווח מיוחד ממצרים: שנתיים אחרי – ובכיכר תחריר עדיין נלחמים ‎(2013/2/2)
* Times of Israel: Israeli and Egyptian pacifists join forces (2013/6/2)
* Movements.org conversation on conscientious objection (2013/10/10)
* NoMilService: Statement: Solidarity with Egyptian Conscientious Objectors Emad el Dafrawi and Mohamed Fathy (2013/11/10)

Quotes I like:
Ronny Edry: “They advertise war. We will advertise peace.”

John F. Kennedy: “War will exist until that distant day when the conscientious objector enjoys the same reputation and prestige that the warrior does today.”

Gandhi: “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.”

Seville Statement on Violence: “The fact that warfare has changed so radically overtime indicates that it is a product of culture.”

The Master Omar Harb: “They think that they are doing what they want, but in reality they are doing what I want.”

Chocolat: Armande Voizin: “Don’t you dare pity me!”

My name in multiple scripts:
International Phonetic Alphabet:
[ʕe.ˈmæːd el dɑf.ˈɾɑː.wi, -ed-]

Latin:   Emad el Dafrawi
(pronounced in English as:   em-add  el  daaf-raa-wee)
(pronounced in French as:   Émade él Dafraoui)
(pronounced in German as:   e-maad  el  daf-rau-i)
(pronounced in Italian as:   Émad él Dafraúi)
(pronounced in Spanish as:   Emád el Dafráui)
(pronounced in Esperanto as:   Emad el Dafraŭi)

Arabic:   عماد الدفراوى
Hebrew:   עמאד אל-דפראווי   (pronounced: עֶמַאד אֶל-דַפְרַאווִי)
Geez:   ዔማድ ኤል ዳፍራዊ
Greek:   Εμάντ ελ Νταφράουι   /   Εμάδ ελ Δαφράουι
Coptic:   Ⲁⲉⲙⲁ́ⲇ ⲉⲗ Ⲇⲁϥⲣⲁ́ⲟⲩⲓ   /   Αεμάδ ελ Δαϥράουι
Armenian:   Էմատ էլ Տաֆռաուի   /   Էմադ էլ Դաֆռաուի
Cyrillic:   Эма́д эл Дафра́уи   /   Эма́д эль Дафра́ви
Georgian:   ემად ელ დაფრაუი
Devanagari:   एमाद् एल् डाफरऔइ  /  एमाद् एल् डाफरावी
Tamil:   எமாத் எல் தப்ராஉஇ
Malayalam:   എമാദ് എൽ ദഫ്രഔി
Telugu:   ఎమాద్ ఎల్ డఫ్రఔఇ
Bengali:   এমাদ্ এল্ দাফ্রাউী
Hangul:   에맏 엘 다ᄑ라위
Hiragana:   えまで   /   えまでれ だふらうぃ   /   えまでれ だふらゐ
Katakana:   エマデ   /   エマデレ ダフラウィ   /   エマデレ ダフラヰ
Traditional Chinese:   惡罵的
Cantonese:   欸乜

Thai:   เ็มาด
Lao:   ເມາດ
Khmer:   អិហ្មដ
Burmese:   ဧမအဒ္
Gurmukhi:   ਏਮਾਦ੍
Kannada:   ಎಮಅದ್
Gujurati:   એમાદ્
Oriya:   ଏମଆଦ୍
Sinhala:   එමාද්
Tibetan:   ཨེམཱད

PS: If you think that one’s name implies a certain ethnic or cultural affiliation, then my name does not represent me.



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