Penalizing Vegan Food in Egypt

This post was inspired by Taha Radi’s post.

I was saying that it’s very difficult to maintain a balanced vegan diet in Egypt, because you will be forced to buy imported food which is penalized with huge custom duties, as our ruling elite(!) considers such foods luxurious and provocative products! It’s exactly like dictating you to consume animal products and byproducts! Naturally, vegan food is cheaper, and also lighter on the planet.

Plants have no feelings in the same sense other complicated creatures with a (central) nervous system have. It’s like trying to claim that bacteria have feelings! They have no conscience!

It’s extremely odd for ice-cream to include gelatin, and gelatin is not even vegetarian. It’s a byproduct of animal flesh. Gelatin is in malban and usually in frosting of gâteaux, for example.

The Egyptian ambiance never tolerates or values difference. It doesn’t even recognize difference or the fact that some people don’t believe that it’s permissible to eat animal (by)products!

We always find ourselves forced to nearly be nutritionists to avoid animal products and gelatin which are carelessly added to many foods unnecessarily and normally without bothering to notify us, the potential eaters!