My Response to @ElderOfZiyon on Twitter about the Banned Egyptian Documentary about Jews

Update 2013/3/23: The director of the documentary wrote on his Twitter account, “march 27 jews of egypt finally out in movie theaters in Egypt”, also 2013/3/20; 2013/3/19: “It’s very nice that the censorship issues a statement that no authority of the National Security [apparatus] over the permit of the film, after a week of statements by them personally giving-over the responsibility to the security”.

Update 2013/3/15: “Elder of Zion” told me that he made an edit to his article. I’m happy that simple attempts to reach the others help in lessening the misunderstanding. 🙂

This is my response to a blogger who blogs under the name “Elder of Zion”, on his article, “Documentary about Egyptian Jews banned in Egypt”.

I attended the documentary when it was in the Panorama of the European Film, in Cairo, Egypt. At that time, 2012/10/6, the documentary was screened for a very limited time only, the cinema was overly crowded and only a third of attendees were able to get inside the cinema. Most attendees were Egyptians who were very happy with the documentary, as apparent from the symposium made after the end of the documentary. At the end of his article (now changed) he had generalized that [all] Egyptians are anti-Jewish. This was unfair and counter-reconciliatory. What he had wrote in the end, made me feel that the haters behind censorship do their job after asking us by democratic means, which is false. Have you heard about the Egyptian peace activist, Ahmed Meligy, who was arrested by the National Security, not by ordinary civilians, for promoting peace with Israel!?

The continuation to ignore peace activists and generalization of the bad, is very anti-peaceful and only contributes to more misunderstanding and makes the dream of true peace between Egyptians and Israelis much further.

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