Jewish Rights, Denial and Carelessness

Notice: Because people in dictatorships are always used to prejudgments and to quickly judge others, living like gods who command and prohibit… I totally oppose all nationalistic, religious and ethnic states, and I’m against states from the first place. I also know that not all victims of the holocaust were Jews only, however, most of them were.

First, I was very happy on the 15th of this month, as I was speaking with fully tolerant people who accept difference who were open-minded. Coincidentally, at the same day I met other bigots who considered their opinions to be absolute facts, all their aims of discussions are to clone themselves and that the dialog be from one direction, from their direction, while the recipient has to just listen silently.

The discussion started when I was saying to one of my friends that they are totally superficial to only concentrate on what the media shows them about the nepotism made for the president’s son, while ignoring what the media never mention about the sons of intelligence personnel and military leaders!

The one who was speaking with my friend, apart from his ignoring to listen to me, he attacked me and he said that he does not rely on one source of information, but at the end of the day he proved to me the total opposite.

Someone else heard the conversation, who saw a picture I had for a victim of the concentration camps and he was trivializing the cruelty and injustice of the holocaust.

I was driven crazy of the trivializing of an incident which crossed all the lines injustice and that threatens to repeat such horrific incidents! That person was saying that the compensations which Germany gives to the Jewish victims of the holocaust (the civilians), that they were deals between states, and that there are other people, as the prisoners of war soldiers (the militarists), died in similar ways in wars. My friend agreed with the last part, then I was letting them understand that they are mixing many things together, both cases were tragic, all wars are crimes and what is known as “war crimes” happen in all wars, but in the holocaust, ordinary people who have no relation to the wars, died in non-war zones, and this is a very important difference and that is of the most important reasons in the cruelty of the incident.

Later on, that person brought his friend who I mentioned earlier, he brought him to empower himself, so that both practice attacking and trolling. The discussion was full of sophistry, they didn’t even had readiness to listen to full sentences, they believe in things and would not silence unless I tell them that they are 100% correct and I’m wrong. One of them considered me insane because I was emphasizing to him historical facts he was denying, most importantly, that there used to be Jewish monarchies to the east of Sinai. I was shocked when I saw both of them repeating the propaganda of Arab League states that Jews had no existence in that place and that the real homeland of Jews was ancient Egypt, and that England was the one which gave the land to the Jews from Arabs because Arabs are weak, benevolent and easy to steal of. The shock to me was huge because as far as I remember when I started knowing little about politics and Israel, I knew that at an ancient time, there used to be Jewish states at Israel’s current place. They even didn’t know that the etymology of the word “Palestine” came form a name of peoples who lived in Gaza area and around, and that all of those had no relation to Arabs or Arab nationalism!

It was weird that they were saying that Jews were people who “came from outside” and have no right. OK, all the people on planet Earth immigrate, travel and come from places where they hadn’t already dwelt. All states have conditions to accept emigrants, why aren’t they provoked by the unjust and sometimes racist conditions for emigration of all states, while they are only annoyed that Israel has conditions to those who want to emigrate and dwell in it?! Not to mention that there are many things which humans made which are not known to history. Evolutionary scientists even say that all of us as humans came from the southeast of the African continent and settled on most of the planet’s surface.

OK, let me tell you something infuriating, those two who were defending the Arab League states, who made me feel that I was getting them out of their creed and that I was skinning them, they are of the persecuted minorities in the “Arab” republic of Egypt!

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