Ahmed Meligy was arrested in Egypt for Supporting Peace with Israel

2013/11/14 Update: I was informed that he was seen active on his Facebook account, days ago.

2013/11/9 Update: It seems like he was arrested again in 2013/11/7!

2013/1/17 Update: On Thursday, Ahmed Meligy posted in a group made for his release and confirmed that he was released.

On 31 December, 2012, groups were made and the message was published about the arrest of Ahmed Meligy. He is a supporter for peace with Israel and publishes opinion articles related to peace with Israel in the Jerusalem Post.
Ahmed Meligy
This is yet another reminder for those who are fooled to believe that it’s not the state of Egypt which creates the hostility against Israel and Jews, and attacks all peace activists who promote reconciliation with Israel.

See also:
* Israel National News: Egyptian Activist: “We Were Taught to Hate Israel” (an interview with Ahmed Meligy; 2012/6/20; The anchor asked at 19:39 “if you can go to jail for talking to us?”. Yes he’s now!)
* news.piratenpartei.de: Ahmed Meligy who posts frequently on this group is being arrested (December 31 2012)
* Jerusalem Post: Jerusalem Post blogger Ahmed Meligy was reportedly arrested in Egypt on Monday. (2012/12/31)
* English Ahram: The Egyptian censor stopped the filming of a film promoting peace and cooperation between Egyptians and Israelis, accusing the makers of “promoting normalization with Israel” (2012/6/5)
* Emad el Dafrawi: Egypt Football Federation Threatens Football Players if they Played in the Israeli League (2012/11/08)
* Emad el Dafrawi: The Peace Treaty with Israel as the Wife of the Military Regime in Egypt (2012/04/16)
* Israel Loves Iran (Facebook page): WHERE is AHMED MELIGY ? (2013/1/2); linking to Free Ahmed Meligy (page) (now dead-links)
* The Daily Star: Egyptian security services have banned a film about the Jews of Egypt (2013/3/12) (the report mistaken the name “Amir” Ramses for “Amr”!)
* YaLa-Young Leaders: Ahmed Meligy appeared in that video in the 3:5 minute supporting peace talks between Israel and Palestine (2013/8/13); the full video (2013/8/7)


7 responses to “Ahmed Meligy was arrested in Egypt for Supporting Peace with Israel

  1. HE HAS BEEN ARRESTED AGAIN!!! A co-prisoner of Ahmed managed to get a mobile into his cell so he could call me yesterday!!! I’m in shock and don’t know what to do!!

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  3. Nobody knows that that is the reason. Ahmed himself wrote that he didn’t know why he was being arrested. He was also a critic of the regime and not a fan of Morsi so that has just as much if not more possibility of being the reason. This kind of speculation you are doing for the reason without any way of knowing that it is true and presenting it as fact only has the potential of harming ahmed as you are giving the people who took him one more reason to dislike him.

    • I’m not harming him and if you think that supporting peace with Israel is harmful then that’s subjugation to racism and war. I only knew about Ahmed Meligy from Israeli media. He’s a supporter of peace. Finally, this is a blog and I am free to write my opinion.

      • I agree with you fully, Emad, Promoting peace cannot and should not be stopped by any threat. I think Ahmed understands that, too.

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