The Potential Civil War in Egypt

Important update 2012/12/7: security forces are interrogating the peaceful protesters who were severely injured by the Islamist thugs (for example). They are being interrogated in the same style of the days after 2011/1/28, when peaceful protesters, people walking by or people who protected the streets after the police was ordered to evacuate the streets and thugs were sent to the streets, were prosecuted as thugs. That confirms to the oblivious, that the regime did not change, we are still living under the 1952 regime!

In 2012/12/5, hot spots in Cairo, downtown and Heliopolis, are in panic and without police or traffic police, yet meters away, it’s business as usual. That’s weirdly cool!

2012/12/5, close to Heliopolis, civilians took to streets with belts and sticks to protect their streets. Bringing back the memories of the beginning of from 2011/1/29 till a week or two after 2011/2/11! However, now I saw old men as well, not just youth.

I interpret what is happening nowadays in Egypt as a potential civil war. I’ve always expected it since the beginning of the year, 2012.

What Abdurrahman Ezz claimed about Heliopolis people aiding Islamist thugs is totally false 🙂 The total opposite was happening. Witnesses even claim that all long-bearded men were verbally and physically attacked even by the homeless, after Islamists started attacking peaceful protesters!

See also:
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2 responses to “The Potential Civil War in Egypt

  1. Please submit more information on Ahmed as it becomes available. Some are questioning the legitimacy of his arrest story. We hope & pray that he is not in harm’s way. And, if he is, that he will be freed.


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