The Egyptian Army Seizes Villagers’ Lands and Terrorizes them

El Korasaya / el Korsaya (القرصاية), a village in el Giza governorate, had witnessed a terrorizing attack by the army of Egypt, killing and injuring villagers, destroying their property which they make living out of.

It was said that the Egyptian army wants to evacuate the area as there are investors who want to take over the land for their project to make a touristic resort.

Later on, one of the soldiers said that they were given strict military commands and they were told that this was a military land. Witnesses said that after the soldiers shot residents, they crossed while chanting, “Allah akbar”! Another witness said, “the soldiers had one militarist leader, a colonel or a brigadier-general who said: on my dead body if I let those people in that place”.

26 residents were abducted by the army and were presented to the military prosecution. They were all held in custody in military prison for 15 days pending investigation.

Some civilians were killed and injured.

Do the investors know that the Egyptian authority are forcing the legitimate residents without any fair compensation? If they knew, would they still want that land?

See also:
* Human Rights Watch: Egypt: Forced Eviction by Military Leaves One Dead (2012/11/21; in Arabic)
* Alhurra: Fighter jets breaking the sound barrier in Cairo (2012/12/9; not the first time this year!)
* Alkarama: Military trial for a man and his son after the army took over their land and demolished their house. (video; 2013/1/10)
* 7th Day: The state commissioners recommend to compel the Minister of Defense to pull out troops from Korasaya island (2013/8/22)



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