The Problem with the UN Human Rights Council and Similar Bodies

My intention of this article is to positively criticize the situation of international human rights bodies, in defense of them, hoping for their improvement.

The problem with the United Nations Human Rights Council and similar international bodies is that who participates in them are not required to be qualified, but are required to be from as different countries as possible.

They are not required to be representatives of countries with high human rights and freedom of press index. They are only required to be from different places in the world. In other words, representatives from dictatorships such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia and China can become members to defend the same thing they are systematically and deliberately violate!

It’s not discrimination nor imperialism that the most qualified states be the only ones to participate in a human rights council! If the rest of countries want to participate, they must respect human rights and enhance freedoms.

The idea that we need to hold different types of people to positions, destroys all the meanings of human rights and equal opportunity, if it was only made for sake of differentiation, not for equal opportunity for all.

Whether you like it or not, the USA, Israel and any western European country have much higher index in human rights and freedoms! This means only one thing, that they are more qualified to protect human rights and freedoms than other dictatorships.

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