Gangnam Style and Zenga Zenga: Similar Cases for Japan and Egypt

The first thing I remembered after reading that the success of the Korean viral song “Gangnam Style” was almost ignored by the Japanese media, was “Zenga Zenga”, the viral song made by the Israeli DJ, Noy Alooshe.

As soon as it was discovered that who made the song is an Israeli, our Egyptian media tried to ignore its success, no matter how the Egyptian media sympathized with the Libyan uprising and that Noy Alooshe actually made a sympathetic thing with Libyans and therefore the Arab (League) neighbors. I even remember an article for Elbadil, describing how successful was a crappy song made by a Palestinian about Gaddafi. I thought that it was about the phenomenal song at then, Zenga Zenga, but unfortunately, they allowed their hate and politics to influence their journalistic standard.

In case you didn’t know, the Japanese and the Korean states have a political conflict on an island claimed by both of them, so both states were successful in turning their people against each other. That’s a very similar case to Egypt and Israel, however, it’s almost entirely from the Egyptian side. 🙂

Peace ☮



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