The Egyptian Army Seizes Villagers’ Lands and Terrorizes them

El Korasaya / el Korsaya (القرصاية), a village in el Giza governorate, had witnessed a terrorizing attack by the army of Egypt, killing and injuring villagers, destroying their property which they make living out of.

It was said that the Egyptian army wants to evacuate the area as there are investors who want to take over the land for their project to make a touristic resort.

Later on, one of the soldiers said that they were given strict military commands and they were told that this was a military land. Witnesses said that after the soldiers shot residents, they crossed while chanting, “Allah akbar”! Another witness said, “the soldiers had one militarist leader, a colonel or a brigadier-general who said: on my dead body if I let those people in that place”.

26 residents were abducted by the army and were presented to the military prosecution. They were all held in custody in military prison for 15 days pending investigation.

Some civilians were killed and injured.

Do the investors know that the Egyptian authority are forcing the legitimate residents without any fair compensation? If they knew, would they still want that land?

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The Problem with the UN Human Rights Council and Similar Bodies

My intention of this article is to positively criticize the situation of international human rights bodies, in defense of them, hoping for their improvement.

The problem with the United Nations Human Rights Council and similar international bodies is that who participates in them are not required to be qualified, but are required to be from as different countries as possible.

They are not required to be representatives of countries with high human rights and freedom of press index. They are only required to be from different places in the world. In other words, representatives from dictatorships such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia and China can become members to defend the same thing they are systematically and deliberately violate!

It’s not discrimination nor imperialism that the most qualified states be the only ones to participate in a human rights council! If the rest of countries want to participate, they must respect human rights and enhance freedoms.

The idea that we need to hold different types of people to positions, destroys all the meanings of human rights and equal opportunity, if it was only made for sake of differentiation, not for equal opportunity for all.

Whether you like it or not, the USA, Israel and any western European country have much higher index in human rights and freedoms! This means only one thing, that they are more qualified to protect human rights and freedoms than other dictatorships.

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Egypt Football Federation Threatens Football Players if they Played in the Israeli League

CNN Arabic reported that the chief of the Egyptian Football Federation threatens Egyptian football players if they played in the Israeli league. He even said that they decided to delete the membership of any football player who does so, after some of the footballers hinted that they are thinking of playing in the Israeli league.

This story is particularly important for the naive reporters who cover the antisemitism in Egypt, totally ignoring facts, such as, the leagues and the syndicates, whose chiefs are hired by the state, force people, who hold peaceful stances against Israel and the Jewish people, to align with the official state policy of phobia against Israel, which directly goes against peace and coexistence.

Never ignore the fact that racism is a state policy in Egypt!

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Gangnam Style and Zenga Zenga: Similar Cases for Japan and Egypt

The first thing I remembered after reading that the success of the Korean viral song “Gangnam Style” was almost ignored by the Japanese media, was “Zenga Zenga”, the viral song made by the Israeli DJ, Noy Alooshe.

As soon as it was discovered that who made the song is an Israeli, our Egyptian media tried to ignore its success, no matter how the Egyptian media sympathized with the Libyan uprising and that Noy Alooshe actually made a sympathetic thing with Libyans and therefore the Arab (League) neighbors. I even remember an article for Elbadil, describing how successful was a crappy song made by a Palestinian about Gaddafi. I thought that it was about the phenomenal song at then, Zenga Zenga, but unfortunately, they allowed their hate and politics to influence their journalistic standard.

In case you didn’t know, the Japanese and the Korean states have a political conflict on an island claimed by both of them, so both states were successful in turning their people against each other. That’s a very similar case to Egypt and Israel, however, it’s almost entirely from the Egyptian side. 🙂

Peace ☮