Campaign to Write Against Forced Recruitment and Solidarity with the Right to Conscientious Objection

This is my participation in the campaign to write against forced recruitment and solidarity with the right to conscientious objection. I posted it in Egyptian Arabic at first because I want Egyptians to easily understand and know about the right to conscientious objection and the flaws of conscription.

I’m against conscription and militarization.

The state doesn’t own humans. Humans were born free and they pay taxes for the state in order to serve them and protect them, not to enslave them, take their money and in the end tells them that they must serve it!

No one has the right to coerce any human on doing something against his will and against his principles.

The main goal of armies is killing and destroying.

Nature knows no borders. The state borders are imaginary. Since humans are living on one planet, they should coexist, refuse violence and destruction, because the outcome of the wreck to earth is going to affect all people.

Conscription is a disguised slavery, justified by the ultra-nationalists, who have supremacist nationalistic or ethnic ambitions over the other peoples as well as to persecute and to impose force on them by all means.

I’m against militarizing children, because it’s a horrible violation against children rights to adequate education and proper upbringing.
Militarizing children creates entire generations affected by the lethal nationalistic extremism, as if the population is making a compulsory mass suicide.

The one who takes the decision to make a war doesn’t participate in it and uses the forced slaves to kill another people, when it doesn’t matter for him the lives of the slave recruits and if they refused to kill, they are executed immediately!

Wars are a barbaric behavior in solving disputes and they are standing against the human evolution by using violence and assaults in dealing with each other, instead of using dialogs and discussion based on mutual respect and the acknowledgement of the right of the other to existence.

Conscientious objectors in the US were the reason to end the Vietnam war and to abolish compulsory recruitment.

I myself am a conscientious objector to compulsory military service and refused to hand myself to the army.

Armies are funded from state budgets which come from the taxes of the people. In Egypt, the country where the longest river in the world passes through, still has many of the people have no access to clean drinking water and they get kidney failure and other diseases, which they can’t find the money to treat themselves. 40% of the Egyptian people are under the poverty line, which means that they can’t even find sufficient food! The standard of education and scientific research in Egypt are very bad and they are neglected, which are the primary elements for the rising up of any people. 60% only of the people are literate. This means that a smaller percentage who are really able use their literacy skills. In other words, they won’t be able to develop their skills in order to find jobs or create jobs for others.

As humans evolve, the state also evolves. Of the stages of evolution of the modern state, is abolishing discrimination and slavery, including forced labor and conscription. The state of Egypt also should move forward with evolution, not against it.



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