Militarizing Minors in Egypt!

Update: Ahmed Hassan was finally given his school certificate (2012/8/4) without being forced to do a military service.

Ahmed Hassan, a minor (under 18) is forced to do a type of a military service, violating the international and local law (2013/3/20; actually after checking the Egyptian law, it allows minors to volunteer in the army! 2014/4/5; Down to 15 years old!). He sent this letter to the military adviser, declaring his conscientious objection and asking to be exempt from the military service.

(See the letter)

Here he explains why does he refuse militarizing schools and refuse conscription:

See also:
* Video: Another Egyptian crime against childhood, role-playing war militarists, nationalistically & religiously indoctrinated (2012/3/11; checked in 2013/8/24)



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