Yasser Ali, a Humanitarian, was Wrongly Arrested and Needs Your Help!

Update: Yasser Ali was released on 21 May 2012.

Summary: Yasser Ali is a humanitarian who promotes non-violence, pacifism, peace and coexistence with the world. The army charged him of violence and he needs your help!
These are fragmented thoughts about the case. I would keep on editing the post.

(The Tree of Coexistence. He really loved this tree. It represents him totally.)

Yasser Ali is a humanitarian who promotes non-violence, pacifism, peace and coexistence with the world. He’s vegetarian, because he refuses killing animals for food. He’s the kind of guy who seems to be too good to be true, but he’s real.
I guarantee for anyone who would speak with him that he will never forget him.

Yasser works as a translator for the Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI).

Yasser didn’t hesitate for a moment to the calls of activists asking for first aid help for protesters of the ministry of defense.

(Yasser painting a house for children having cancer. Yasser described that day as one of his best days in his life. He enjoys doing humanitarian work.)

On his way out of the street hospital, after aiding the injured protesters who were injured by armed thugs, the thugs injured him and he became himself an injured.

Later, on Friday 2012/5/4, the army attacked the street hospital and detained everyone there. He was later on transferred to El Kobba military hospital, captivated and not allowed to move, without being allowed to inform any of his friends.

(Yasser speaking in one of the symposiums. He’s a staunch supporter and promoter for tolerance and knowing the other.)

Friends were so worried because his mobile phone was off and because of the vicious attacks they knew of from news and activists. After searching for him, they found him in the hospital. Later on, he was deported out of the hospital to an appeal prison.
Friends learned that the army framed-up charges for him such as, vandalism, attacking public facilities and blocking traffic! Adding up to the injustice, he was subjected to insults and other violations when he was forced to be interrogated, while injured, in the military court at C28, Nasr City.

How come Yasser is charged with violence! How come the injustice in Egypt has become very outrageous! Egypt is effectively a state of no law!
I really can’t stand those oblivious people who keep on claiming that the army protects peace and secularism! What happened to Yasser further more proves to you the opposite.

A Facebook page was made in solidarity with Yasser Ali, then was closed 4 days later. Another page was made.

Free Yasser Ali    الحرية لياسر على


3 responses to “Yasser Ali, a Humanitarian, was Wrongly Arrested and Needs Your Help!

  1. Hey, we have just held a congress here, and its 300 participants supported the demand for an immediate release of Yasser. We will now send the resolution and letters to embassiess etc. It would be great to get in touch with some of you in Egypt for updates and information and coordination, and to get a better sense of what is needed – it would be great if you could get in touch at freeprisoners@gmx.de.


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