The Peace Treaty with Israel as the Wife of the Military Regime in Egypt

Update: On June the 5th, 2012, the Egyptian censor stopped the filming of a film promoting peace and cooperation between Egyptians and Israelis, accusing the makers of “promoting normalization with Israel”.

In a review on a provocative interview with Omar Suleiman, by The Seventh Day, he said, he fears price Egypt will have to pay if Israel decides to reoccupy Sinai.
I wonder how the regime, which didn’t allow its citizens to visit Israel without being questioned by its intelligence, is concerned about peace!
The regime which expelled Ali Salem from the union of writers because of the sin of normalization, preaches of peace with Israel.

So, in Egypt, in the controlled media and in the controlled education, the norm is Israel hostility. In such circumstances, naturally the Egyptian public opinion would be anti-Israeli.
All of that make me feel that the militarist Egyptian regime deals with the peace treaty with Israel as its own wife. As an Arab and a easterner, it feels very jealous on its wife. It never wants any other political faction or people to speak in favor of peace with Israel, making the current regime the only pragmatic alternative to all the political factions which are perceived to be anti-peace.

There were lots of irritating claims in the article, especially the original Arabic language article, such as the claim that the Islamists moved the protests in Tahrir in 2011 on January and February.

About Omar Suleiman’s concern that Sinai became a place to launch rockets on Israel… Well, what about what happened last year, when some infiltrators from Gaza, entered Sinai, then south Israel to bomb a bus, killing a dozen, mostly civilians and moved back to Sinai? At that time, were the Islamists holding the parliament?

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