Sarkozy & Education Minister Visit to the School Which was Subjected to a Terrorist Attack

On 20 March, the French president and the minister of education visited the Jewish school which was attacked by a terrorist.

In democracies, when such incidents happen, government officials make sure to visit the victims, because they held their positions by the people, therefore they should satisfy their people.
I even remember Ben Ali, the ex-president visited Tarek Bouazizi, the street vendor who set himself on fire in Tunisia. Ben Ali’s Tunisia wasn’t a democracy and Ben Ali made the visit as a hypocrisy and to calm down the protests back in 2010-2011.

No Egyptian official every cared to visit any of the victims of the attacks of Egyptian security forces against the peaceful protesters. Did anyone of the officials care to visit the families of the victims who died in “el-Salam” ship which sank!


I Can’t be a Slave in that Army

I remember on October the 9th, 2011, the Maspero massacre, when the Egyptian army massacred peaceful protesters who were protesting an attack on a church a week earlier!

Now, I’m supposed to hand-over myself to the army to be recruited!

This is just an example of the Egyptian army violations against its own people!