Deviation from the Revolution

I totally respect those who protest in front of the embassy of Israel, but I think that it’s a deviation from the revolution, because it was for freedom, dignity and human rights, not against Israel.
The problem with these protests is that they can’t be kept peaceful, because there are always infiltrators (as there were before Mubarak stepping down) who would try to portray the revolution as an act of vandalism.
The result was that it would be the pretext to convince the international public opinion of using force by Central Security against the protests and not stopping the state of emergency 😦

On February the 4th, before Mubarak’s stepping down, when the gas pipeline feeding Israel (and Jordan) was bombed, not many people thought about it. Not many people asked themselves why was the pipelines bombed specifically at that time. It’s because to portray the revolution as against peace, therefore the revolution won’t get sympathy of the international public opinion, therefore the regime would still get its international support.

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